The sense of divine vision must be restored to man's daily work. - C.S. Lewis


Higher Call is a national and international outreach dedicated to helping people make biblical connections between their faith and their work. The Retail Christian Network is an extension of Higher Call, which endeavors to make Christ known within the Shopping Center industry.

  • Where Do You Turn

    We’ve all been there. The offer you were expecting never came; the sure deal blew up just before closing; or worse, your loved one received … Read more »

  • RCN: Celebrating 20 Years

    Retail Christian Network began two decades ago when three friends saw a need and felt called to do something about it. Today RCN includes over 1500 professionals in the Shopping Center industry who share a common faith in Christ. Watch the video »

  • Available in Hardcover, Kindle or iBooks

    David Atchison’s Reflections On A Higher Call book offers a better way for business professionals seeking to positively impact their workplace.